Getting the Human Body to Sleep Naturally

What is it that causes the human body to sleep after a long day’s work?

Our bodies have an inbuilt clock which sends indications to the brain centre to secrete sleep-inducing hormones that cause us to rest. These signals are sent when light levels in the external environment cease, which is during the evening.

This mechanism of signalling the brain and the secretion of the hormone is called circadian rhythm. The hormone so secreted is called melatonin. Since pineal glands in the brain centre begin secreting this hormone during the evening, when you buy melatonin it is also called the ‘Vampire hormone’. And like vampires, this hormone disappears during the day.

However, natural melatonin secretion might get disrupted owing to some reasons, like, irregular schedules. Therefore, one can resort to the taking of melatonin supplements under proper medical supervision.

Sleep Naturally

Apart from inducing sleep, melatonin supplements also have some other benefits

  1. Preventing cell damage

The sleep hormone also prevents cells from being damaged, due to its anti-oxidising properties. Meaning, the anti-oxidants in melatonin combined with the damage causing free radicals thereby rendering them ineffective.

Further, the anti-oxidising properties of melatonin also help in cell creation besides reducing cell damage. Also, this hormone serves to increase human immunity due to its cell preservation attributes.

  1. Great for gut health

Apart from preventing cell damage, melatonin also helps in smooth digestion. Therefore, people suffering from digestive ailments also consume melatonin supplements to deal with the following stomach afflictions:

  • Dybiosis: Caused due to microbial imbalances
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Gut inflammation

Moreover, ample melatonin levels in the human bloodstream also reduce the chances of colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Effective analgesic

Individuals who have fibromyalgia, or chronic muscle pain find relief when treated with melatonin natural supplements.

Melatonin is also high for decreasing acute migraine pain arising due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Cardio-protective properties

Melatonin supplements accelerate natural free radical scavenging by increases levels of the hormone. This is why patients with cardiovascular diseases find them useful. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties help in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

  1. Helps to handle hypertension

Patients suffering from hypertension and stress also use supplements. This is because melatonin is also an effective remedy for dealing with these health issues.

Besides these melatonin supplements are also therapeutic for people dealing with:

  • Diabetes: Since it helps with insulin secretion.
  • Post-menstrual syndrome and infertility
  • Neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

However, individuals must take these supplements in proper doses. Doctors recommend keeping melatonin dosages within 0.10-0.40 milligrams for adults. An overdose of supplements might end up causing drowsiness during the day.

Regulated lifestyle

Plus, one must take melatonin supplements whilst following a healthy, adequately regulated lifestyle. This is because these pills are not a quick fix solution for sleeplessness or other disorders. They only regulate melatonin secretion in the human body.

Therefore users must bear in mind these essentials before resorting to take melatonin pills. Further, they should use these tablets for the short term, since prolonged taking might lead to health impairments.

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