Alternative Medicine For Dogs

Alternative medicine clinics are easy to find in the East where the practices are still widely accepted and used in conventional health facilities in conjunction with new technology. Health and alternative medicine have been popular topics in recent years as alternative medicine has been gaining acceptance as a valid form of supplemental medicine in the West. In the West, it is still more difficult to find alternative medicine clinics where the employees are well trained and licensed to practice.

Alternative Medicine For Dogs

These herbal remedies provide proper nourishment to the nervous system and they also help in becalming the mind and relax the body and help cope with stress as well as strains from daily living that much better. Herbs play an important role in alternative medicine and there are in fact numerous herbal remedies that lend them well to treating anxiety and even panic disorders. Alternative medicine is also based on examining and then correcting faults as well as deficiencies in how we live from day to day.


Milk thistle, magnesium citrate, papaya plus and a good multivitamin are also recommended for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer alternative medicine might also involve the ingestion of pancreatic enzymes with every meal. Sometimes insulin therapy is also necessary.

Liver cancer is more common in developing countries because access to healthcare is limited and the disease is not diagnosed on time. Liver cancer is a deadly cancer that kills most of its patients within a year. WHO estimated almost 4,30,000 new liver cancer cases worldwide in 1990, and more than 3/4th of these cases were found in Southeast Asia.


Sometimes insulin therapy is also necessary.

Interesting information on alternative medicine for dogs. Before trying any hemp oil for dogs, herbs, vitamins or enzymes check with your vet to make sure they will not impede any other treatment you may be undergoing. Furthermore vitamin D3 is said to make chemotherapy medication work more effectively. There are also various Chinese herbal formulas that can be included as a part of breast cancer alternative medicine.

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