5 Unusual Ways of Colour Games with a Purple Pashmina

In a world full of trends, the class is what counts!

…and pashmina is an exemplary accessory staying true to its class.

However, do you know why these pashminas are such a rage in the fashion industry around the globe?

  1. Cashmere pashmina, a diamond fibre is exotically silky.
  2. Being very thin, the shawls made from these fibres are the lightest in weight.

Lastly, owing to its texture, draping a pashmina provides confound and titillating experience with super comfort.

So, apart from a slice of fashion statement, it is also a functional accessory suiting every season and place.

pashmina purple

From a pool of colours, currently, purple pashmina is trending on the chart. Royal in nature, if this colour is paired right with other shades, one can get gift herself an elegant and sophisticated look.

Here are the following natural style hacks, for all the fashion lovers having a purple pashmina:

What about white?

Isn’t white synonymous with beauty?

Well, anything in white is quite a quintessential choice, and when coupled with the purple pashmina, fashion can never go off beam.

If you are planning to for a window shopping with friends, consider this fantastic white casual gown or the refined daydream dress for having an apt evening look. Give the finishing touch by wrapping your purple pashmina around the shoulders with utmost style and grace.

Go bold with black

Fashionistas say, black is not dark, rather it’s poetic. Do you feel the same and obsessed with the shade? Here you go…

Wear this given Solid Shoulder detail dress, make a side braid, wear a pair of bellies and complete the look with by draping your pashmina in the poncho style. Thank later!!

Flaunt with faded pink

If you find pink way too girlish, then faded pink is your colour. However, matching purple and pink might frown you, but fret not, here’s a wreathed solution for you.

Go for this full swing dress in pink with your pashmina to fit in nicely for any occasion or event.

Light tan is love

Light tan is appropriate for the ones who don’t prefer overdoing in the slightest bit. It is the colour of chic and class at once. For instance, consider this Neema utily detail dress in light tan and look uber-cool by donning your purple Italian wrap.

Navy is cool

Navy is a happy colour giving a bolder appearance to one and all. For any evening hangout, you may consider this given embroidered lace hem dress in navy, furnishing the look with your purple wrap.

This was all, in a nutshell, catering to the best combination of colours for a fashionable you, today and tomorrow. However, there are lots of hues which also go seamlessly with purple.

For example, lilac, coral and yellow outfits have the potential to make you head turners when styled right in the pashmina. So, experiment with all the possible styles and be zephyr amidst the conventional crowd.

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